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Month 1 of building a Float in public

We will talk about all the Challenges and progress we have made so far while building float in public
Navdeep Yadav
5 min to read
Archimedes once said,
"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum to place it, and I shall move the world."
Quotes By Archimedes

When building tech products, people are the 'lever,' and the fulcrum is the 'experience' you need.
So Let me summarize the week one progress and challenges we faced while building Float in public.

✅ We can now capture the screenshot of a single chrome tab but taking multiple screenshots across different chrome tabs is still a week away (Stage 1/5).
✅ Started working on Feature prioritization, Website design, Dashboard prototyping, etc. (Stage 2/5).

So, let me simply the above two checkpoints for you.

Every technology product you use has a front end and a backend.

A frontend is what you see on your browser or app screen, and the backend is all request that goes behind on the server.

backend and frontend

My co-founder Akshay knows how to build the backend but has no idea about the front end and messy chrome APIs.

So we started solving the most significant piece of the puzzle, i.e., Handling chrome APIs. 

With messy JavaScript & React code, finally, we can get a screenshot of one single screen in a chrome browser, but to explain an integration guide, you have to take screenshots across all chrome browser tabs.

So, the more significant challenge is handling multiple screenshots across all the opened chrome tabs and ensuring they are all handled well by the backend.

Service worker life cycle

Meanwhile, I started working on the front end, the design work with Figma and Webflow, and some product tasks like competitor analysis and feature prioritization.
While discussing with my co-founder how fast we can release the first version of the functional product.
He said that If others could do it in 6 months, I could put in some extra hours every day and wrap it up in 3 months, and that reminds me of the famous quote from Archimedes.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

‍That's all. We haven't achieved much in the first month but will share the 2nd month's progress with you.

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