Here's how Float works

Make the complex, simple

1.Add Free browser extension

Add Float extension to  your chrome browser and click on the ‘Record Workflow ’ to start.

2.Record any process

Float will document your step-by-step actions with automatic screenshots.

3.Share or Embed the workflow

Share the link or embed your workflow across webpages like WordPress, WebFlow, Notion, Jira, ClickUp etc.

Makes the complex Simple

From creating a product tour to simplifying the integration guide, there is a lot you can do with Float.

Show product features in the blog.

Just embed Float in your blog post.

Show product tours on your home page.

Create an engaging "try before you buy" experience with your product tour.

Customer support isn't boring with Float.

Create a library of repetitive product issues and share them with your customer.

"Managing social media was never this easy." - Rob Lewis

I saw which of my campaigns were working in real time. SaasBox changed the way our entire marketing department worked. I don’t think we’ve ever had a tool that’s been able to so quickly provide us with feedback.

Customer X achieved 12x ROI in the first month !

Explain how the customer was in a similar situation as your user, struggling with similar problems. Talk about their transition to your product and the outcome: how it solved their problems and helped them achieve their goals.

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What makes Float special?

Works with all CMS
Compatible with CMS like WordPress, Webflow, Contentful, Readme etc.
Knowledge base
Put your knowledge base like a notion on steroids with Float.
Free trial is painful.
Why give a free trial when you can create a "try before you buy" with Float.

Float Stay inside people’s heads

Interactive animation
Allows CTA in the end.
Blazing fast loading
Easy to create and publish

More visual than a image.
More interactive than a video.

Add the Float extension to your chrome browser and record 150 steps in five minutes.